Must knows for living at the Common Ground Research Garden

We are located on a hillside overlooking the Little Lake Valley about 15 minutes by car from the city of Willits.

Some of the Living Quarters

  • A nice guest building which has hot water, a shower and a composting toilet.
  • A small cabin to yournself that will be just the basics – bed, closet, small ante room.
  • The main building, or big yurt is where we spend most of our time when not in the garden. Here we have a shower, an oven and stove, a refrigerator, our pantry and a spacious common area for eating and whatnot.
  • There is a composting toilet that is in its own little building a short ways away from the big yurt. We also have a solar shower in the garden.

We have a satellite internet connection that you can connect to either by plugging into the network in our office or by a wireless network that can sometimes be a little spotty, but should reach all of your living quarters. We only ask that you not download movies, use skype, or stream movies or music as we have a data limit that is easy to use up of we are not careful.

Currently all the interns eat together. Each month they pool their money together and buy whatever it is they need. Then they share the cooking tasks on a weekly rotation. You aren’t required to eat with the group but it will probably be easiest. We are a vegetarian site so there is no meat on the grounds of Ecology Action but if you’re in Willits and you need a cheeseburger your free to go for it.

Clothing, Bedding, Etc.
We have clean sheets, blankets as well as one bath towel, one hand towel and one wash cloth for each of you. Bring comfortable clothes that you can get dirty. I really value my waterproof shoes but that’s up to you. A good hat is a must. We have some old ones here that you can borrow but they aren’t in tip top shape. It can be cool in the morning so you’ll want to be able to wear layers. Generally the temperature will be around 50 to 60 at night and 80 during the day. It can get up to 100+ though.


Without a car it’s not really possible to get into town. We have a car and a truck that one of the six month interns can drive (he got a California driver’s license and was put on the insurance) so you should be able to all get into town together. If you have a car and want to bring it (probably this is just for Kimberly) we have enough parking and you’re welcome to do so.

There is a bus system that goes to different cities in Mendocino County and a Greyhound that can take you to and from San Francisco. When you all start to figure out your transportation out here we can try to coordinate some way to get you all up here. It would be easiest if you all arrived in San Francisco (or Santa Rosa) on the same day, probably the 14th, but I understand sometimes with flights it can be difficult to get a cheap flight without being flexible.