Joel Salatin Against GMO Labels

Here at Ecology Action headquarters, we happen to be living in the first US jurisdiction to ban GMOs, Mendocino County, California.  There’s A LOT of buzz about GMO labeling going around the country these days and California will soon decide to be the first state to ban GMOs.

To stir up some balanced conversation, I thought I’d post an interesting argument against requiring GMO labels from internationally acclaimed small farmer and food activist, Joel Salatin.  To be clear Salatin is vehemently against GMOs but he is also against increased government involvement in our food system.  

In typical Salatin fashion, he includes several provocative zingers …

  • “What a shame that so many well intentioned Americans view additional government intervention as their only hope. Labeling laws are one of the thorniest and costliest issues facing local food systems and small farmers.”
  • “The best food contains no label. Look at what cleverspeak has done to words like “organic” and “natural.” 
  • “Anyone who thinks government-required labels will protect them is naive.”
  • “Ultimately, food safety is a matter of faith. Who do I trust? To suggest that the only way to protect the American consumer from GMOs is to lobby for more overbearing, inept, capricious, untruthful government intervention in the food system and demonstrates a gross lack of self-empowerment and feverish faith in government.”
  • “Instead of requiring GMO labeling, how about eliminating GMO subsidies?”
  • “Empowering people—creating informed, concerned, participatory consumers—requires that we extricate government from food transactions.”

For the full article -> Rebel with a Cause: Why I Oppose Government GMO Labeling.  The real question is … What do you think?





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