Save Almost $3000 Per Year: Vegetable Oil Instead of Diesel for Your Vehicle

So Big Matt here is saving a nice chunk of coin here (over $200/month) by using straight vegetable oil collected from restaurants.

Here’s how …

* ~$1.60 in propane per 15 gallons of fule (and an hour of his time to burn off excess water from the oil.)
* ~$11 per month in filter replacements. (He buys 2 $16 filters every few months)

So if Matt is using about 60 gallons of fuel per month – $240 total at $4/gallon diesel- he’s saving ~$228.40 per month or $2,740.80 per year.

***Note that Matt made an initial investment of ~$1000 – to convert his diesel truck to run on veggie oil.





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