Photos from Class Today:Compost, Diet, Income, Philosophy, and History

Ryan Batjiaka simplifies photosynthesis and then takes us for an organic chemistry and compost deep dive.



Lucas, in his professor’s best, breaking down Grow Biointensive Diet goals.  On the lower right there we see that, given 1-5 acres of land you can grow about 430,000 calories of beef or 21,283,416 calories of potatoes.



There was a lot of discussion of “Weight efficient” (crops that have high calories per pound) versus crops that are “Area Efficient” (crops that have a lot of calories per square foot of growing space required).  Below we see in the top table we can grow 2,333 calores in 20  beds or 2,386 calories in 43.5 beds.  It all depends on the weight and area efficiency of your crops.



John breaks down the math and techniques to show how you can gross $30,ooo from one 100 square foot bed.  The answer is seed!


The 10 year path towards becoming a Grow Biointensive expert.  Year 1 “How, Year 2 “Why, Year 3 Deeper/Broader etc.



The case for Grow Biointensive, growing soil … by the numbers.  If you have any questions about the explanation below use this form:



3 thoughts on “Photos from Class Today:Compost, Diet, Income, Philosophy, and History

    • The latter. The math there is that you could yield 5.5lbs of tomatoe seed from 100square foot bed. He divides that 5.5 in half to give you a handicap of 2.75lbs of seed which is 44oz. You put 0.003 oz.’s into a packet which gives you approximately 14,600 packets. At $2/packet you get that $29,200 number you see at the bottom.

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